4 Reasons To Buy A New Forklift Rather Than A Refurbished One

When you’ve got the finances to splurge on the best equipment and assets for your business, then splurge. Sure, refurbished forklifts are cheaper and just as good as new, but who wants to settle for used or refurbished when your business, its growth and its quality of service is at stake. Here are four reasons to buy a new forklift for sale.


New Means No Prior Owners And Problems


If it’s a new forklift then its mechanical parts are new. Never before used or mishandled, never before been involved in an incident or experienced a mechanical breakage, and never before missed a maintenance session. With refurbished units First Forklifts strives to provide customers with the best quality and attention to detail to provide safe, reliable and cost-effective solutions, however, you can never compare a refurbished unit to brand new. With a new forklift, you know that its top quality with no hidden wear to pop up later, and subsequent repair costs. If it’s brand spanking new, and from the starting point, you can ensure the longevity of the forklift, knowing that you’ll handle it right and keep it in great condition.


Eliminates Manual Labour And Costly Health Implications


A new forklift eliminates extensive manual labour and the costs which go with it, as well as the health and cost implications that go hand-in-hand with working with heavy products and materials. One of the most important elements of your business is your labour force. It pays to look after them.


Quicker Production Times Experienced


Another benefit to take into consideration is reduced production times and faster product output that you get from a new forklift. A new forklift saves time through fast execution, completing the same job done by a manual worker in a fraction of the time, allowing for greater productivity. When the forklift is new it has a massive beneficial impact on the functionality of the business, and high functionality means high output and high profits.


Wide Range Of New Forklifts To Choose From


The range of used or refurbished forklift models is generally limited, however, there are a variety of new forklifts to choose from so you can easily find one which suits your needs and budget. Furthermore, new forklifts can be highly customised according to your specific needs, which is a major advantage over a used one that might still require additional work to suit your needs. New SAMUK forklifts boast outstanding productivity, low-ownership costs, smart design, reliable performance, serviceability and styling as well as leading ergonomics. When it comes to new models and makes, you’re always spoilt for choice.


Make A Purchase Now


Now that you’ve seen the reasons to buy a new forklift and dead set on purchasing a new forklift, check out https://firstforklifts.co.za/ for the full range of new forklifts available. The team at First Forklifts will assist you in your purchase of a forklift for sale and help you find the most suitable model for your personal and business needs. Chat with us today!

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