5 Common Uses For A Forklift

Most people immediately think of construction sites and factories when forklifts come up in conversation, but these multipurpose vehicles are more flexible than you may think. You can find them both indoors and outdoors, improving productivity, safety and efficiency on work sites. If you were wondering about what kinds of environments could benefit from a forklift, you’re at the right place. As one of the top forklift companies in Durban, we decided to highlight why these machines are such a valuable part of any equipment arsenal by looking at some of the most common forklift uses.


Forklift Use #1: Transferring Goods From Lower Levels To High Shelves In Warehouses


In massive warehouses, placing heavy batches of goods on storage shelves requires meticulous maneuvering and power. Reach trucks, electric counterbalance forklifts, forklift extensions and side loaders are ideal for this, as they can be operated with the required precision. There is also an assortment of smaller electronic units like walk behind and ride on pallet stackers which aid in tighter situations and eliminate the noise and pollution factor.


Forklift Use #2: Moving Around Large Amounts Of Products In Shipping Ports


The shipping of products from one country to another happens in many stages. At shipping ports, diesel and gas forklifts come in handy for loading and off-loading shipping containers as efficiently as possible. From reach stackers transporting and stacking full containers, to smaller container entry capable forklifts for loading and offloading of the stock inside containers, forklifts are a major factor in the day to day operations in our ports.


Forklift Use #3: Lifting Building Materials Onto Elevated Surfaces On Construction Sites


When it comes to construction, a different type of forklift comes into play. Telehandlers and rough terrain forklifts are perfectly suited for these scenarios and can be equipped with various attachments to make the work as simple and efficient as possible. It makes lifting heavy building materials easier for contractors and can be used to move loads from one location to another as well.


Forklift Use #4: Warehousing and Transport


One of the main benefits of forklifts in any company that use them is the aid in speed and efficiency with regards to loading and offloading stock. Most companies deal in stock, whether it be products they bring in for manufacturing, to products they sell or export, to food produce, etc. This stock is typically transported between suppliers and customers, often having to comply with strict timelines. Without the efficiency of forklifts to effectively and safely load and offload vehicles, and get the necessary stock to clients on time, you can imagine the impact this would have on overall productivity.


Forklift Use #5: Farming & Agricultural


Much like construction sites, rough terrain forklifts and Telehandlers are highly useful in farming and agricultural environments. With the options of 4-wheel drive and locking diffs, and the added benefit of an increased ground clearance, there is very little limitation on their uses. Again, multiple attachment options are available to meet the intended needs. Uneven terrain and muddy conditions can be easily traversed whilst carrying a load.

When it comes to equipment that crosses barriers, forklifts are somewhere at the top of the list. All you need to do is find a supplier you can trust for the best machines. We are one of the leading Forklift Companies In Durban. Call us today.

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