A Quick Guide to Forklift Tyres

Your forklift would be rather useless if it didn’t have tyres. Having high quality tyres, that are the right fit for your forklift, promotes safety, fuel efficiency, and durability among other benefits.In this article we will have a look at the different types of forklift tyres available, how to look after your tyres, and where to buy new tyres should you need to replace yours!

What Are the Different Types of Forklift Tyres?

  • Solid Rubber Tyres- Solid rubber tyres are the most popular forklift tyre choice. Because they are solid, they cannot go flat or get punctured.
  • Pneumatic Tyres- Pneumatic tyres are also made of solid rubber but they are air-filled. These tyres are heavy duty and often used in the trucking industry.
  • Cushion Tyres- Cushion tyres comprise of a smooth, solid rubber tyre around a metal band, ideal for indoor use.
  • Polyurethane Tyres- The most similar comparison to these tyres would be skateboard wheels as the tyres are pressed onto the forklift wheels.
  • Non-Marking Tyres- non-marking tyres are essential for indoor applications in which the floor needs to remain free from tyre marks.

How to Look After Your Forklift Tyres?

It is important that you look after your forklift tyres so that you get the most out of your investment. To do this, you should always drive carefully and conscientiously, with no wheel spins, harsh breaking, high speeds etc. You should also ensure that you are not exceeding any load capabilities, and that you regularly check your tyre pressure.

Where to Buy Forklift Tyres in South Africa?

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