Different Types Of Forklifts From Forklift Companies

We all know what a forklift is, but do you know the different types and the purposes for which they’re used? Avoid hiring or purchasing the wrong kind from forklift companies and get informed on all the different types, uses, shapes, sizes, strengths and weaknesses.


4-Wheel And 3-Wheel Counterbalance For Heavy Loads


The 4-wheel counterbalance forklift is the most known and common forklift on the market. This is a straight-forward forklift which commonly boasts dual forks in the front, however can be fitted with a variety of attachments to suit the application. It is mainly used to lift heavy loads in warehouses where manual labour is no longer efficient or becomes a safety factor. With this type of forklift, you’re able to purchase or rent all three fuel types including electric, diesel and LP gas. Each fuel source has its perks as well as disadvantages. The fuel source you choose will be highly influenced by many factors such as, the product which you are dealing with, the area in which the forklift will be operating as well as health and safety requirements. When it comes to capacities, this type of forklift varies from 1.5 to 25 tons depending on the fuel type with a wide variety of mast heights available, including container entry masts on the compact forklifts.

The 3-wheel counterbalance forklift offered by forklift companies is pretty much the same as the 4-wheel option, but on this forklift the back wheels are positioned closer together in the centre of the frame. This is done to enhance the turning ability within smaller warehouses. When a heavy load in a limited space where movability is limited requires moving, this forklift is the optimal option.


Reach Trucks For Lifting Loads High


This type of forklift can lift loads up to heights of 13 metres. The Reach Truck capacities vary from 0.9 Tons – 3.0 Tons with the 1.4 Ton and 2 Ton being the most common option used by those working in warehouses. Reach trucks can only be used indoors and must work on clean flat surfaces. Reach Trucks boast a compact design with tight turning circles, ideal for warehousing that has tight aisle width and high reach requirements. 

Reach Truck Forklift companies


Power Pallet Trucks And Stackers For Manoeuvring Pallets


Also known as the electric pallet jack, and walk/ride on stackers, this electric equipment offered by forklift companies, manoeuvres pallets and other heavy loads quickly and easily within a warehouse. The electric pallet jack lifts the load just above ground level for easy manoeuvrability, whereas the walk behind or ride on electric stacker can lift loads for stacking on shelving etc, but is suitable for lighter applications where a forklift is considered too large and cumbersome. Cheaper than conventional forklifts, these types are also known for their ease of use within smaller warehouses.


Rough Terrain For Operations In Rough Conditions


When working in rough, uneven conditions outdoors, the rough terrain forklift offered by forklift companies will provide the best functionality with easy mobility on gravel, sand and muddy surfaces. What sets this type of forklift apart from the others is that it has a raised ground clearance with agricultural tyres for larger footprint, increasing stability and traction, 100% differential lock for those sticky situations, and is offered in both 2WD and 4WD versions.

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