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Top Tips To Significantly Extend The Battery Life Of Your Forklift

When purchasing any product, the common question on the purchaser’s lips is “How long will it last?” Well, on average, the life span of a product or an equipment piece has a general estimated lifespan, but, like most products, how the owner cares for it and maintains it will either shorten or lengthen this lifespan. And, with an expensive asset like electric forklifts and the expense of batteries themselves, you’ll want to do everything you can to extend the lifespan of the battery. Fortunately, First Forklifts has provided some top tips to do this.

Electric Forklifts: Past And Present

Over the years, technological advances and progress in battery development and composition has increased the lifespan per charge, as well as the entire lifespan of the battery cells and the amount of cycles they can withstand, but this doesn’t mean you need to avoid proper maintenance and care. There is no definite answer when it comes to battery lifespan as every battery type and model is different. However, the question is not how long the battery will last, but rather how much longer you can make it last.

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Consider Type, Usage And Maintenance

To avoid constant recharging, and with it work interruptions and delays, as well as battery failures and malfunctions, it is important to follow these tips.


  1. Understanding the type of battery your forklift uses will help you understand the do’s and don’ts while putting it to work. Is your electric forklift powered by lithium-ion batteries or lead-acid batteries?
  2. Only use your electric forklift indoors and on flat, smooth surfaces as using it on harsh terrain will put strain on the machine, lowering the battery power at a much faster rate.
  3. Never undercharge the battery for your electric forklift and rather wait for the battery to be depleted first and then wait for the battery to charge in full.
  4. If the battery requires cooling time following charging, ensure sufficient cooling time is done.
  5. Preferably, purchase a few batteries instead of using the same one every day. Making use of multiple batteries during multi-shift operations will avoid constant reaching of cycle counts maximums, which lessens the battery’s lifespan.
  6. When it comes to lead-acid batteries in your electric forklift, only top off with water when the battery has been fully charged and has cooled off completely. Refill the water as often as you can, if cooled, so that the lead plate is never exposed and use water between five and seven pH only.

TIP: A battery filler system connected to all cells is an in-expensive way to maintain levels on all cells. This drastically reduces the tediousness of battery maintenance and eliminates majority of the operator error where some cells can be overlooked.

    1. Always follow manufacturer instructions fully so that the battery in your electric forklift performs at its best.
    2. Ensure that regular battery maintenance is performed and safety protocols are undertaken.
    3. Always store the battery as per the manufacturer’s guidelines and instructions.
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