Essential Forklift Accessories Every Warehouse Should Have

When you have a fleet of forklifts operating in your warehouse, there is a range of forklift accessories that are essential to have in stock should you wish to expand your forklift capabilities.

Spare Forks

The forks on forklifts enable them to do their job of lifting and carrying goods safely. While forks are a standard attachment, they can come in various lengths, depending on your particular needs. If you need longer or shorter forks, having some additional fork accessories on hand could be useful and allow you greater flexibility in your warehouse.

Forks also typically endure a lot of wear, particularly along the heel, which often makes contact with the floor. Since they are a load-bearing aspect of the machine, they should be routinely inspected and replaced, lest they become a major safety hazard.

Paper Roll Clamps

Paper roll clamps are handy accessories for picking up large rolls of paper. This specialised attachment is essential for industries that do a lot of printing or paper manufacturing, allowing forklifts to handle things like rolls of newspaper prints, tissue paper, and more.

The paper roll clamps are designed to be gentle on paper and can be rotated 360 degrees for maximum handling capability.

Single and Double Drum Handlers

Drum handlers are very useful attachments if your warehouse handles drums of any kind, such as in the chemical manufacturing or oil industries. It is particularly useful when your warehouse packs the drums tightly and in confined spaces. A drum handler has a jaw mechanism that uses the weight of the drum to lock it in place before handling.

Bale Clamps

The agricultural sector can benefit greatly from having bale clamps for their forklifts. These nifty hydraulic clamps can lift bales of any material without needing a pallet for stacking. Bale clamps make for more efficient stacking and handling of bale-type products in tight spaces.

Fork Extensions

Having a few fork extensions on hand is essential in a warehouse operation, as they can boost the versatility and power of your forklift equipment at a moment’s notice.

In addition to their enhanced load-bearing capability thanks to the larger load centre that they provide, fork extensions give forklifts the ability to handle large and odd-shaped loads with greater stability and less risk.


Scoops are useful accessories that attach to your forklift and enable it to easily scoop up a variety of bulk materials, whether it be sand, gravel, grain, or more. These scoops are useful in agricultural and construction industries but can be applied in many others. Scoops essentially convert your forklift into a mobile shovel.

Pallet Jacks

Pallet jacks are useful tools that can provide supplementary assistance for your warehouse’s forklift operations by providing a means for manually moving pallets around.

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