Essential Tips For Unloading Trucks With A Forklift

If you’re looking for new or used forklift trucks for sale, then you need to make sure that you know how to operate them safely.

Let’s look at some of the safe operating protocols that we, at First Forklifts, recommend.

Standard Protocols For Unloading Trucks

No matter which side you’re unloading from, the first step is to make sure the trailer curtain is open and that the forklift forks are straight and square to the load.

Make sure that you don’t raise the forks until you are only a few feet away from the trailer. Raising them too soon could block your view and become a safety hazard. When you do raise them, make absolutely sure that the forks are not under the trailer.

Once they are raised, line the forks up with the pallet pockets provided. Slowly and carefully, insert the forks into the pockets until the load meets the backrest. If the pallets are packed tightly together, a side shift can be fitted to the forklift to create a small gap between loads. This can help prevent accidental product damage during the unloading process.

With the load safely positioned on the forks and resting securely against the load backrest, a small degree of lift and back tilt can be applied to ensure stability. With this procedure executed, you can reverse slowly and extract the load from the truck trailer.

Keep reversing slowly away from the trailer until the forks are completely clear. Only once the forks are completely clear of the trailer can you begin to lower the load. Set it down so it can be inspected for any damage before continuing.

If there is an issue with the load at this stage, it should be noted, and the load should be put aside. However, assuming the load is in good condition, it should then be transported to its stacking destination.

Other Things To Keep In Mind

If you’re unloading a truck using a forklift, it is important to ensure that the curtain is properly pulled away. If not, it can become a hazard during pallet removal and lead to accidents.

All ratchet straps and harnesses must also be properly removed from the pallets to ensure smooth load removal.  It is generally standard practice to unload a truck trailer from back to front, leaving the heaviest loads towards the front for last.

When unloading, be mindful of the truck trailer roof (if it has one).

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