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Looking To Purchase That Forklift For Sale: A Quick Checklist

Purchasing a secondhand or brand-new forklift for sale is the same as purchasing a car. A thorough check needs to be done, on the condition of the machine and the mechanical parts inspected. Unfortunately, some parts are overlooked or merely glanced at. And they shouldn’t be. At First Forklifts we do all the right checks for you before selling you a used forklift, but it doesn’t harm double checking. Here is a quick checklist for you to use before making that deal.

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1. Check The Forks And Mast

This an important point on the checklist, Inspect the forks for any bends, distortion or cracks. Don’t forget to check the fork heels for wear and tear as well as thickness and check the masts. When checking the masts, you’re looking for welds or cracks and hopefully will find none if the used forklift for sale has been adequately taken care of in the past or if the forklift for sale is indeed new and comes straight off the shelf.

2. Check The Tyres

A close inspection of every tyre is vital to see if any issues or problems, like wear and tear and balding, are evident. Failing to do a thorough investigation of the tyres can lead to serious accidents, mechanical damages, avoidable downtime, work delays, and unwanted financial outputs. Investing in a forklift for sale that has high-quality tyres in good condition means:

  • Your forklift will be able to carry a heavy load with the tyres accommodating this extra weight effortlessly and easily.
  • Your forklift won’t be susceptible to increased risks and disasters when carrying excessive weight. Worn tyres significantly increase the chances of excessive weight and pressure turning deadly.
  • Forklift operators will have a smoother, more comfortable ride as good quality tyres act as cushioning. Forklifts do not have a suspension, which makes quality tyres, even more, vital – and vital to the operator’s back health as well.
  • A forklift for sale with good quality tyres avoids mechanical wearing of machine parts as high-grade tyres reduce vibrations and surface bumps. This means costly part replacements caused by hard surfaces will be avoided.
  • Forklift tyres in good, if not great, condition will ensure a safe, injury-free performance every time.
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3. Check Cylinders, Lift Chains And Channels

Cast an investigative eye on the mast channels, mast rollers and the lift chain and its anchor pins. Here you’ll be seeking out signs of wear and tear, cracks and anything that will affect the integrity of these parts. Here you’ll also need to check the following:

  • The Hoses running parallel to the chains
  • The tension of the hoses and lift chains as well as the bolts

4. Cowling, Canopy, Frame, Cab, General Operation Parts And Engine

When it comes to the following, check for signs of damage, wear and tear and apparent problems:

  • The body and its cowling
  • The canopy and its main supports
  • If an enclosed cab, check all windows, seals, air conditioner if fitted
  • The chassis
  • The general operation elements like the seatbelt, the positioning of the seat
  • The hydraulic levers, loader arms, tilt arms, safety devices, controls, floodlights and back-up alarm
  • The engine compartment, exhaust guard and counterweights, the engine belts, the battery if electric and the tank brackets if propane-powered.
  • All safety items, lights, rotating beacon, reverse buzzer etc.

Forklift For Sale: We’ll Tick Every Box On Your Checklist

If you’re looking to buy a forklift for sale, contact us! We at First Forklifts will provide you with superior quality and service as well as highly competitive prices when it comes to our forklifts – whether used or brand new. Every one of our products and machines will surpass any checklist! Email or call right away!

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