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Don’t Forget These Considerations When Looking For Forklift Hire In Pinetown and surrounding areas

Forklift hire is not a quick, impulsive decision, with proper considerations needing to be factored in before you sign that rental document. Sure, you have considered budget and insurance, and all the paperwork that goes with hiring, but what other considerations do you need to factor in to ensure your forklift hire is right for you.

Have You Considered Your Product?

While we all know what a forklift is, hiring the wrong forklift can cause frustration, delayed projects, and wasted money. Therefore, it’s crucial to consider the maximum weight that your preferred forklift can handle, as well as the application where the forklift will be required to work. Predetermining the full weight of your products will ensure you don’t land up with a hired forklift that is too light for the job and unable to lift your products, and having an understanding of the environment in which the forklift will work will ensure you do not opt for a machine that could prove cumbersome and doesn’t operate smoothly due to height and space limitations and restrictions.

forklift hire pinetown

Have You Considered Your Product Packaging?

Along with weight, considering your product packaging will influence your decision as to which forklift for hire to go for. Are your products loosely sitting on the floor? Are they packaged tightly and neatly on a pallet? Does your product come in a roll or bale? These factors will determine which forklift to choose.

Have you considered whether your product limits you to a forklift with a particular drive train?

Fully understanding if your forklift of choice will get the job done, and done right, will ensure you hire the one that actually does. Does your forklift of choice support electric or internal combustion? Can it operate indoors and outdoors? Be sure to consider this before making your decision. Forklifts are available in diesel, gas and electric options. Each have their own benefits and downsides to consider, such as emissions, noise, running cost etc. This is a crucial step that cannot go overlooked, as certain products or environments require specific equipment to conform to law and emission requirements.

forklift hire pinetown

Have You Checked Availability Of Your Chosen Forklift For Hire?

Browsing through the internet and finding your perfect forklift to rent only to find your chosen supplier does not have one in stock, with inventories empty, will leave you in a spot of bother. As rental inventory at popular suppliers is always fluctuating, it’s vital to check for availability well in advance.

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