Forks & Attachments

Forklift Attachments & Extensions

Forklifts are primarily known for and supplied with the most common attachment: forks. However, different applications and products require specific forklift attachments which cater to easy, safe and effective maneuverability. First Forklifts caters for the varied attachments as well as any modifications, additions or forklift extensions required for the fitment of the attachments to the forklift, for example plumbing the forklift for additional valves required for hydraulic attachments.

Wide Variety

With all forks and attachments, the correct selection is crucial. All factors such as type of product, weight, application, dimensions, size of forklift, the position of load (Load Centre), etc have to be considered when fitting the correct forks or attachment. The forks or attachments are on the ‘business end’ of the forklift, and therefore play a major role in safety. If you have any doubt on what is best for please don’t hesitate to contact us at First Forklifts.

We offer a variety of forks and attachments to suit our customers’ requirements, which includes, but is not limited to:


Forks are typically a standard attachment. Forks can be supplied in varying lengths according to the requirements of the client. As the heel of the forks contact the floor, it is important to routinely inspect the forks for wear. The forks are load-bearing and when worn are a major hazard.

Paper roll clamps

A Paper Roll Clamp forklift attachment is used to handle very large rolls of paper such as newspaper prints, paper manufacturing, and tissue manufacturing. The clamps are very gentle on the paper and are designed to be rotated 360 degrees.

Single and Double drum handlers

Drum Handlers are the ideal choice when removing or loading drums in confined areas where drums are tightly packed or touching. The unique jaw mechanism utilizes the drums weight to lock the drum in place ensuring the load cannot come loose even under strenuous use and rough terrain.  The unit is simple and easy to use and is the perfect choice for drum handling.

Bale clamps

Forklift Bale Clamps are hydraulic clamps which can be used in order to lift bales of any material without utilizing a pallet for the load. Ideal for applications with bale type products that don’t allow adequate spacing for forks beneath the load.

Fork extensions

Fork extensions for forklifts increase the versatility and load-bearing power of the equipment whilst also allowing the lifting of loads with a larger load centre. They allow forklifts and their operators to handle large and odd-shaped loads with better stability with a lower risk of damaging the load. While forklift extensions are essential tools on many worksites, they can present certain safety concerns and safety considerations, which include the stability, capacity, and visibility of the forklift and operator. Understanding Load centres and how they affect the capacity a forklift can lift is crucial.


Scoops allow you to convert your forklift truck into a mobile shovel. With this attachment you can easily load and tip bulk materials such as sand, gravel, coal, etc.

Scoops are commonly used in the agriculture and construction industries, to name but a few. This attachment is suitable for many types of machines.

Pallet Jacks

We also stock & sell standard 2.5Ton pallet jacks. Specialised pallet jacks can be arranged on order, including a variety of electronic and manual pallet jacks and stackers.

Have Questions?

Whatever questions or concerns you have about forklift attachments; we are willing to aid and inform you and ensure that you feel supported when it comes to making such an important purchase and investment for your business.

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