How a Forklift Extension Can Expand the Uses of Your Forklift

A forklift extension is a type of forklift attachment that extends the length of the forklift’s fork, thus dramatically increasing the versatility and weight capacity of the equipment.If you are a forklift owner, you may not even be aware of the potential benefits that investing in forklift extensions offer.

As forklift experts in Durban, First Forklifts sheds some light on the advantages that forklift extensions could offer your operation.

Increase Your Load Capacity

Investing in forklift extensions can help extend your load capacity by as much as 30%. The extension allows your forklift to carrier larger, heavier, and even more oddly shaped loads.

Increase Your Productivity

Now that you’re able to carry more in one load, you are sure to see a dramatic increase in your business’s productivity thanks to your forklift extensions. One of the best parts is that forklift extensions are quite affordable, and you’ll quickly see a return on your investment.

The Importance of Buying the Right Extension

While a forklift extension can be incredible for increasing your loads and productivity, they can present a safety concern if you do not choose the right extension. When choosing an extension, there are various factors that come into play including brand, stability, etc. It is also important not to overload your forklift. If you’re at all uncertain as to which type of extension is the best fit, don’t hesitate to speak to a forklift professional.

What Other Types of Forklift Attachments Are There?

In addition to forklift extensions, there are quite a few different types of forklift attachments available, including:

  • Paper Roll Clamps
  • Single and Double Drum Handlers
  • Bale Clamps
  • Scoops
  • Pallet Jacks

Each of these attachments have been designed for a very specific uses and can truly diversify what you can use your forklift for.

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