How Different Equipment Streamlines Material Handling

When it comes to material handling equipment, nothing is more essential than the trusty forklift. These machines might look simple on the surface, but they are incredibly versatile and can fulfil a range of functions through the use of attachments.Let’s take a look at how different material equipment can streamline your material handling processes in your warehouse, starting with the fundamental forklift.

The Versatility Of Forklifts

Forklifts are used for lifting, moving, and stacking loads of different sizes and weights. Generally, they are fitted with a standard set of forks, allowing them to lift palletised goods, move them around, and stack them.

However, there are a wide range of forklift attachments that can enhance the forklift’s functionality.

For example, paper roll clamps can be used in the paper manufacturing and printing industry, while drum handlers are great for handling barrels in the oil and chemical industry. Bale clamps are useful attachments in agricultural applications, while fork extensions can be used to lift unusual loads. You can even transform your forklift from a simple lifting and stacking machine into a mobile shovel that can be used on construction sites by using a scoop attachment.

Other Essential Equipment

While forklifts can cover many bases, a good warehouse will often require additional equipment to ensure a smooth material handling operation.

Pallet jacks, for example, are useful companions to forklifts, allowing workers to manually manoeuvre pallets either for precision or when a forklift is otherwise occupied or unavailable.

Conveyors are often installed in warehouses to help speed up the transfer of goods throughout a facility, while palletisers are needed to pack pallets with goods and make them ready for the forklift to move them.

These are all crucial pieces of equipment that help a warehouse’s workflow run smoothly.

Specialised Equipment

In some specialised material handling situations, certain types of specialised equipment are required to further ensure smooth material handling and safety.

These could be things like reach trucks, which are great for narrow aisle applications, order pickers, which are extremely useful in warehouse operations, and cranes, which are essential for heavy lifting and are widely used in manufacturing or construction.

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