Here’s How To Choose Between Electric, Diesel And Gas Forklifts

Forklifts form part of essential equipment in many workplace settings and depending on the nature of your work, you may be considering purchasing or leasing one for your business needs. Deciding on which is best for your business however, can be a difficult decision to those inexperienced in purchasing such equipment. In addition, of the various options available in the market, such as electric, diesel and gas forklifts, it’s hard to sift through the varieties and pick the optimal forklift to hire in Durban.

Here are advantages and disadvantages to help you decide on which forklift to choose.


Electric Forklifts For The Indoors And The Eco-Friendly


Electric forklifts run on batteries to power it up and are the common choice in many industries today as it emits almost no emissions or exhaust fumes while in use so it’s the eco-friendly choice. These forklifts are ideal for businesses reliant on low noise levels, as there is minimal noise produced while operated and it is conveniently built to utilise indoors. The downside of electric forklifts is that they are not made to go outdoors which can be a hassle to those who have a business that frequently works in both environments. Another factor is that the batteries can prove quite costly when they need replacing, however they do last on average 4 to 5 years, so it can be seen as buying your “fuel” upfront. Electrics are convenient for operations dealing with food produce due to the low emissions, as well as tend to handle colder conditions better, such as cold rooms.


Diesel Forklifts For A Wider Range Of Applications And For The Economical


These forklifts are built more durable and can handle heavier workloads with a lower maintenance requirement than that of gas. With minimal maintenance and low costs to operate (because it uses diesel to run), this is the economical choice for businesses who need hard-wearing, high-performing machinery at lower costs. The downsides of diesel forklifts would be the higher noise factor and that they produce higher exhaust fumes which makes them best suited for outdoors, and occasional indoor use where there is suitable ventilation and the client’s product and work staff are not negatively affected. Additionally, they tend to be heavier in size compared to other models and require more effort to manoeuvre in small spaces.


Gas Forklifts For The Indoors And Outdoors


Running on liquid propane gas, gas forklifts are not always the first option business owners consider when deciding on equipment. And that’s because many gravitate towards electric and diesel forklifts before considering gas. But gas forklifts have many added benefits, such as flexibility with indoor and outdoor usage compared to electric and diesel forklifts which can be limited by the client’s application. However, gas usage to cost factor will not be as efficient as diesel forklifts and this will affect cost of operations as well as specialised maintenance required over time which can be more costly than the diesel or electric options.

At First Forklifts, we understand this can be a monumental decision as equipment can be a significant asset to your business and its performance. We hope that this article has clarified each forklift for you and can assist you in making the right choice for your business. To learn more about our product offering and which forklift to hire in Durban, contact us.

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