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If you are looking for a forklift or reach truck in Durban that is of the highest calibre, First Forklifts has a selection of refurbished equipment to suit practically any project.Reach trucks are particularly useful in distribution centres and warehouses owing to their unique design capabilities. If you need to lift something and place it on a rack or remove it, then you can’t go wrong with a well-designed reach truck solution from First Forklifts.

High Lifting Capability

One of the unique aspects of reach trucks that sets them apart from forklifts is their ability to lift loads to significantly greater heights without losing stability. The electric counterbalance system ensures that reach trucks can remain stable even when hoisting heavy loads to stack them on shelves or racks at considerable heights. It’s especially useful in storage facilities where floor space is often limited and vertical space is needed.

Compact Design

Another distinctive feature of reach lifts is their compact design, which enables them to navigate tight spaces and narrow aisles with ease. In crowded or space-constrained environments, such as warehouses or logistics distribution centres, reach trucks are an excellent choice as they can access high-density storage racks and heights while ensuring maximum manoeuvrability and safety for all.

Precise Positioning

One of the features of reach trucks is their ability to precisely position loads when placing them, thanks to their telescoping mast and the feature that allows the operator to extend the forks to place objects exactly where needed. This is a particularly useful function in situations where goods need to be placed accurately on specific shelves high above or where pallet positions need to be precisely arranged.


The agility of reach trucks makes them especially useful in just about any situation. The ease with which they can be manoeuvred and operated in tight spaces makes them beneficial for projects that are spatially demanding.

If you need to change direction swiftly and frequently and navigate safely through congested areas of warehouses and workspaces, then the manoeuvrability of a reach truck will be of great use.


One of the benefits of reach trucks is that they operate on battery power rather than fossil fuel-based internal combustion engines or motors. This makes them quiet and reduces the emissions they produce.

These qualities make reach trucks suitable for indoor use, as they will not create toxic emissions or noise pollution. It also means that reach trucks can be of great use in projects where environmental sensitivity is a point of concern.


Although reach trucks are designed to stack and retrieve heavy loads in narrow and high spaces, they can also carry out a number of other warehouse and distribution tasks, such as picking up orders, loading or unloading pallets, and transporting goods around the facility. In essence, a reach truck can do the same job as a forklift, with the added advantage of reaching greater heights.

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