Forklift Repair & Maintenance

Forklift Maintenance

Your forklift has a highly important role in keeping your business running effectively and on schedule. It is a valuable tool, but we do not need to tell you that, as that is exactly why you purchased your forklift. That is why you will need to do preventative maintenance for your equipment. It also requires that you notice the progression of the equipment’s condition to ensure that if something is not right, that you minimize your equipment’s downtime to repair it.

Avoid Further Damage

By following the right maintenance routine, you will be preventing frequent and long periods of machine downtime. Following scheduled service and inspection intervals provides an opportunity to recognise an issue when it is starting and tend to it before it progresses, avoiding the possibility of causing further costly damage to the rest of the forklift.

Our Professional Team

At First Forklifts we recognize that no two businesses are the same, likewise their requirements too shall differ. We offer flexible Planned Maintenance Agreements, tailor made to meet the requirements of our clients.

On-Call 24/7

Our fleet of highly trained mobile technicians are on call 24/7 to make sure that the inconvenience of downtime is kept to an absolute minimum. Whether your requirements are a basic service, major forklift repair, a full engine and transmission overhaul, or you would like to fully refurbish your forklift to its original condition, our specialized team is qualified to handle any situation. Our tehnicians have extensive experience and knowledge on all brands and models, from basic manual pallet stackers to container handlers and Reach Stackers and everything in between.

Most Forklift Brands Supported

All forklift service and forklift maintenance issues dealt with by us at First Forklifts are handled by a team of highly motivated and skilled staff. Our highly-skilled technicians are equipped with all the tools they need to get the job done as fast and efficiently as they can as means to reduce your downtime.  We pride ourselves in our quality workmanship and would like you to put us to the test.

We offer forklift service and forklift repair for all major forklift brands including SAMUK Forklift, Toyota Forklifts, TCM Forklifts, Doosan Forklifts, Hyster Forklifts and Linde Forklifts to name a few.

Have Questions?

If you have any further questions about First Forklifts or have any forklift repair related queries, feel free to contact us and one of our specialised technicians or staff will be more than happy to assist.

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