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We have a wide range of SAMUK Forklifts on offer. SAMUK is our exclusive new forklifts, reach trucks and material handling equipment provider. The range SAMUK Forklifts offers provides extensive coverage for all aspects a client may require. We have partnered with SAMUK as our exclusive new forklifts provider as we believe that they provide one of the most comprehensive, cost effective and reliable ranges of manual, electric and engine powered material handling equipment offered in the market. As Excellent Customer Service, Quality and Value are pillars of our business, so too we recognise these attributes in a SAMUK forklift and are proud to be a partner.

SAMUK forklift

20 Years of Development

SAMUK Forklifts was officially founded in 1996 within the UK and was on the forefront of a new era in forklift truck technology and quality. Their main focus is on new technologies, customers experience and very importantly, cost performance. With over 20 years of development, SAMUK is now renowned within the European market, especially within the UK, for its high-quality products and first-rate service. SAMUK Forklift possesses outstanding productivity and low-ownership costs, with smart design, leading ergonomics, reliable performance, serviceability and styling.

High Quality Products

SAMUK is a positive brand with a sustainable development strategy. With this they have been extending the reach of their high-quality products with more partners in the global market. SAMUK is expanding their sales & marketing from the European market to an international arena with full back up and infrastructure to insure positive growth. Let’s have a look at some of the SAMUK forklifts we have on offer.

SAMUK S Series Diesel, Gasoline and LPG 1.5-3.5T Forklift

Samuk S Series 4.0 – 10.0T Forklift

SAMUK Forklift Rough Terrain 1.8-5.0T

SAMUK Electric M & S Series Forklift & Reach Truck

SAMUK 13.5-32T Heavy Duty Forklift

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Whatever questions or concerns you have; we are willing to aid and inform you and ensure that you feel supported when it comes to making such an important purchase and investment for your business like a SAMUK forklift.

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