Paper Roll Clamp Forklift

Paper Roll Clamp Forklift

Forklifts most prominent feature is probably their forks, it’s in the name after all! But have you ever thought about replacing your forklift’s fork with a paper roll attachment suited for handling large rolls of paper?

Convert Your Forklift into A Paper Roll Attachment?

High Quality Paper Roll Clamps Available At First Forklifts

Forklifts most prominent feature is probably their fork attachments; it’s in the name after all! But the great thing about forklifts is that they are extremely versatile, and by removing the fork and replacing it with another attachment, you have an entirely new piece of equipment on your hands.

Have you ever thought about replacing your forklift’s fork with a paper roll clamp attachment? Paper Roll Clamp forklift attachment is used to handle very large rolls of paper such as newspaper prints, paper manufacturing, and tissue manufacturing. The clamps are very gentle on the paper and are designed to be rotated 360 degrees.

Paper Roll Clamp Forklift

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At First Forklifts, we consider ourselves forklift attachment experts. We have a wide range of forklift attachments, designed to fit various different forklifts. If you’re unsure which attachment size and type is right for your forklift and project needs, simply chat to one of our forklift experts and we’ll be able to offer you the right advice.

The reason why we’re able to keep our prices so affordable but still provide premium quality attachments is because we have direct contact with international brands, and import from them directly.

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First Forklifts offers so much than just forklift paper roll attachments. As an industry leader we offer comprehensive forklift services. We supply various other attachments, parts and spares, as well as provide repair and maintenance services. The parts we provide include tyres, forks, belts, paper roll clamps, drum handlers and so much more.

Paper Roll Clamp Forklift

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First Forklifts has been serving South Africa with a diverse range of forklift services for many years now. We have become a respected name that has gained trust in the forklift community nationwide. With our reasonable prices and premium parts & accessories, there is no better name to turn to than First Forklifts

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