Prevent Downtime Disasters By Having These Forklift Spares On Hand

Downtime can cost a lot of money, which is why having forklift spares on hand is essential to keeping your warehouse operational.If you search for “forklift spares near me”, you’ll find that First Forklifts has everything you need to keep your forklifts up and running, so you can avoid the dreaded downtime and the costs that come with it. Here is a collection of forklift parts that you want to make sure you always have on hand:

Hydraulic Fluid Hoses

These are critical for powering your forklift’s hydraulic system, which is essential for allowing it to move, steer, and lift. The hoses that connect the system together are critical but are also vulnerable to accidental damage as well as degradation.

Since they are made of rubber, hydraulic fluid hoses are prone to perishing and should generally be replaced every two years or so. However, you should always have spares on hand in case one of them breaks, ruptures, or cracks open.

Replacement Hydraulic Fluid And Associated Parts

The hydraulic system is central to the forklift’s functioning, so any damage to it will require the entire system to be flushed out and refilled with fresh hydraulic fluid. When doing this, it is necessary to replace all the filters as well.


Brakes are an essential part of ensuring that your forklifts operate safely, which should not be left to chance. They need to be inspected regularly, and if their efficiency diminishes or if there are any visible signs of damage, they should be replaced immediately.

Routinely replacing the brakes once every two years or so is also recommended.

Lift Chains

Lift chains are another essential part of your forklift’s functionality, and if they are broken or damaged, it can lead to forklift failure, injuries, and damage to products and equipment.

It’s always a good idea to keep several lift chains in your inventory so that they can be replaced at a moment’s notice.


Forks are essential for your forklift’s operation, as they do all of the heavy lifting. Forks can deteriorate and wear out over time, so they should be replaced if they suffer any wear and tear or damage.

Generally, it’s recommended that they be replaced once they’ve lost about 10% of their original thickness.

If you are searching for “forklift spares near me”, then look no further than First Forklifts. We have all the spares you need and can make sure that you are well-stocked and ready for any eventuality. Contact us today to place an order!

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