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Your Guide To Fast, Safe Stacking With A Reach Truck Forklift

Mast tilt/ sway. Any reach truck forklift driver has probably experienced this. Even if their forklift was the best built, best quality, and the most stable. And if you haven’t experienced mast tilt when stacking products and heavy loads at very high heights, you’re fortunate enough to be reading this before you do!

And while mast tilt is sometimes unavoidable when lifting hundreds of kilos off the ground and you can’t help but feel that back and forward sway, you can, however, implement these tips for a better experience when operating your reach truck when stacking.

Wait For The Mast To Stabilise

Sure, we all want to get the job done in the quickest amount of time, but when it comes to a reach truck and the loading and stacking of bulky items, patience here is undoubtedly a virtue that every operator must have. The reach truck forklift operator needs to wait for the mast to stabilise after every lift and stack of the load, before extending it or placing further load on the stack. Rushing the job will undoubtedly create instability, and an unstable stack, which could lead to a costly, dangerous situation – for the load and the operator.

reach truck forklift

Suited To The Weight And Height Requirements Of your Product And Shelving.

No two products are the same. Each company has specific requirements for material handling equipment based on the products they manufacture, store or transport. For this reason, special care must be taken when deciding upon the right piece of equipment. Reach Trucks typically lift a lot higher than normal forklifts. It is crucial that the capabilities of the reach truck with regards to the weight being lifted, height being stacked or lifted, and load centre of the products are all well within the approved safety limits.

reach truck forklift

More Tips When Stacking

To add to your stacking success story, be sure to do the following when stacking:

  1. Always put the heaviest items and products on the bottom as this will help reduce the sway and instability
  2. Never exceed the height limitations or the weight limitations of your reach truck
  3. Stack pallets, products, and loads evenly as to not create instability when stacking

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