Toyota Used Forklift

Why Choose Used & Refurbished Forklifts Such As
Mitsubishi, Samuk, Doosan Or a Toyota Forklift Over New Ones?

Forklifts are large, complex machines, with many brands and manufacturers bringing them to the market. While a costly investment, it is good to know that there are refurbished and used options available. Not all businesses can spare the capital outlay on new equipment, especially when starting off or during tough economic times. Fortunately, for those looking to buy forklifts, refurbished options are available from some of the leading brands. And, coming from the factories of notable brands, refurbished options don’t mean lower quality, short lifespans and more trouble. Opting for a well-known, reputable brand when it comes to refurbished forklifts means you’ll get the same value, just at a cheaper rate. In this blog, we briefly discuss the reasons why you should choose refurbished or used forklifts such as Mitsubishi, Samuk, Doosan, TCM, Hyster or a Toyota Used Forklift.

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For Different Fuel Types

Whether it is gas, diesel or electric, refurbished or used Mitsubishi, Samuk, Doosan, TCM, Hyster and Toyota forklifts come with different fuel types, so you’re never limited by choice. Each fuel type comes with its advantages.

For A Trusted Reputation

When deciding on the forklift brand, choose a brand which has a trusted reputation – a brand that has been around for ages. Why? Well, because with a trusted brand, you know you are getting quality, high value, safety and a forklift that is tried and tested in our environment, even if you’re purchasing a refurbished or used forklift.

For Reliability

Reliability is a huge consideration when it comes to choosing your brand of forklift. Reliability is needed because you need a machine that will not only be reliable now but for many years to come. Having peace of mind, knowing that your Doosan, Samuk, Mitsubishi, TCM, Hyster or a Toyota used forklift won’t die on you during a job, is enjoyed when you choose this reliable brand.

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For High Resale Value

If business owners want to upgrade to a newer model, they will be able to easily and quickly sell their current Doosan, Samuk, Mitsubishi, TCM, Hyster or Toyota forklift for above-standard price. This is possible because these forklift brands are always in high demand and do not lose value as fast as other brands.

For Accessible Parts And Quick Repairs

Purchasing a used or refurbished forklift from an international, unknown brand means that you’ll possibly face hefty repair costs and lengthy delays when waiting to acquire new parts for those which have malfunctioned in your forklift. Fortunately, with brands such as Doosan, Samuk, Mitsubishi, TCM, Hyster and Toyota forklifts, parts are available through First Forklifts with stock and parts imported regularly. This means that spares are less expensive and are readily available so your refurbished forklift will be fixed in no time flat.

Choose Us Who Stock Them

If any of the above benefits interest you, and it should, contact us at First Forklifts and we’ll help you with all your Doosan, Samuk, Mitsubishi, TCM, Hyster or your Toyota forklift needs and purchases. We put all of our customers first, and we know that with these brands, your business and its projects will be completed safely and in good time. For more information on these brands, as well as our other forklifts for sale, email or call us today!

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