Second Hand Forklift For Sale

Second Hand Forklift For Sale

The refurbished forklifts that we offer at First Forklifts give you the opportunity of owning a high quality forklift without having to pay the price of a new one.

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Is your business looking at investing in a refurbished, second hand forklift for sale to help speed up your processes and assist you with moving certain materials?
Many business owners don’t realise how owning a forklift could take the pressure off of manual labour and help things run a lot smoother. Forklifts offer a range of benefits to a variety of industries and they can be a very smart investment! The refurbished forklifts that we offer at First Forklifts give you the opportunity of owning a high quality forklift without having to pay the price of a new one.
Our second hand forklifts and reach trucks are well maintained and still in great condition, and once our expert technicians are done with refurbishing them, these forklifts are basically as good as new.
A second hand forklift would be a fantastic investment for your company.
Second hand forklift for sale

Is It Time To Replace Your Forklift Fork?

The fork of a forklift is likely to experience various degrees of wear, tear and damage throughout its lifetime. The fork is a part of the forklift that will more often than not have to be replaced a couple of times over the years, especially if your forklift is partaking in heavy lifting. Not replacing the fork of your forklift when it needs replacing could pose a potential danger to your project and your team.

The team at First Forklifts will be able to offer you expert advice when it comes to choosing a new fork. We have a range of options designed to suit various forklift types and budgets.

The Benefits of Owning a Second Hand Forklift

     • You’ll still receive a highly competitive warranty structure when buying  a second hand forklift from First Forklifts
     • Forklifts are known for their robustness and their longevity. Sometimes buying a brand new forklift is just not worth the capital cost.
     • Used forklifts are readily available, while brand new forklifts sometimes need to be imported so there can be a waiting

      period  involved.

Second hand forklift for sale

What Types of Second Hand Forklifts do we have for Sale?

Our fleet of second hand forklifts is always fluctuating, but we ensure that we always have high quality offerings for you to choose from. Our refurbished forklift fleet includes forklifts from Toyota, Komatsu, Doosan, Hyster, and TCM to name a few.

In addition to second hand forklifts, we also offer second hand forklift attachments such as bale clamps, paper roll attachments, etc.


We’ll Help You Choose the Ideal Second Hand Forklift for Sale

If you give us your preferences and requirements, we’ll help you choose the best forklift for your particular needs. We want you to get the most use out of your forklift as possible so we’ll take a variety of factors into consideration before advising you.

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