Summer Forklift Maintenance Tips For Efficiency

To avoid unnecessary forklift repairs, it is important that you carry out several maintenance procedures on a regular basis: some daily, some monthly, and some seasonally/annually.With summer and the end of the year upon us, it is a good idea to perform seasonal or annual forklift maintenance to ensure that your forklifts are in good operational order so that you do not suffer breakdowns, which can compromise your operational efficiency.

Daily Inspections

Having a forklift means that you need to look after it as a daily concern to ensure that you meet operational health and safety standards. Having a daily inspection checklist is critical so that you can take note of any issues as soon as they arise. This will help you avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Some of the daily inspection checks include looking for leaks occurring from the radiator, engine, or fuel lines. Daily power-off checks should also include an assessment of the condition and pressure of the tyres, as well as the security of the load backrest, hydraulics, hoses, cables, mast chains, and stops. Additionally, inspect the integrity of the overhead guard.

Once the forklift is powered on, the accelerator, parking brake, servicing brakes, steering capability, and forward and reverse drive controls should all be checked to ensure they are functioning as normal.

These checks should be carried out every day before putting the forklift into rotation. If any problems are noticed, the forklift should be taken off the floor and sent in for repairs or maintenance immediately.

Monthly Inspections

Every 200 to 250 hours of service, a forklift should undergo its monthly inspection. It is critical that you are diligent about this kind of inspection and maintenance because the items on this checklist are not checked as often as the daily items.

Some of these monthly service checks should include looking at the lubrication levels on the chassis and other components, as well as changing the engine oil and the filter. A thorough inspection should be carried out on the whole machine to determine if there are any cracks appearing in the structural elements. The engine timing and idling time should also be adjusted if needed.

Additionally, it is important to inspect the tension of the drive belt, as well as the lift, tilt, and cylinder operational capabilities. If any of these are not in full working condition, it could compromise the safety and functionality of the forklift.

Lastly, a monthly inspection should assess the battery, if it is an electric forklift, to determine if it needs to be changed or charged.

Seasonal or Annual Checks

Seasonal or annual service and maintenance checks should be performed anywhere between every three months and once a year, depending on the forklift. Most forklift manufacturers will be able to provide you with more detailed information on the intervals between these checks and when services should be carried out in this regard.

These checks include examining whether there are any cracks in the forklift’s structure, including the pedals, lift hoses, or carriage rollers. The forklift should also undergo a deep cleaning, which should include the radiator exterior. The clutch release bearings should be adjusted, as should the tilt cylinder pins, chassis links, and mast support bushings.

In addition, all fluids should be replaced at least once a year, if not once every quarter. This includes things like engine coolant, all lubricants, brake fluid, and any other fluids required by the forklift to remain operational.

A thorough battery and electrical system check should be carried out on electric forklifts to ensure they are still in good working condition and do not need to be replaced or serviced. This will help ensure avoiding any breakdowns midway through a job.

Adhering to these service intervals, particularly as they have been prescribed by the manufacturer, will ensure that your forklifts remain up and running and help you avoid unnecessary repairs.

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