The Advantages of Buying Secondhand Forklifts: Cost Savings and More

If you run a warehouse or workshop operation, you should know that there are several distinct advantages to buying secondhand forklifts for sale. Not only can it help you save money, but it can also help your operation get going quicker than if you were to order a new one.Let’s look at some of the benefits of buying a used forklift.

Cost Savings

The most significant advantage you will gain from buying a secondhand forklift is the cost savings. Second-hand forklifts are generally a lot cheaper than new ones. Sometimes, they can be as much as 50% cheaper, depending on the age and condition of the machine as well as the additional features.

Having this kind of cost advantage gives you the capital to purchase the equipment you need without breaking the bank and might even allow you to buy more than one forklift for the price of one new one.

Lower Insurance Costs

Generally, insurance premiums on used forklifts tend to be lower than on new ones. The value of a secondhand forklift is lower than a new one, requiring less insurance coverage to protect the asset.

The significant savings that can be gained over the life of the forklift thanks to the reduced insurance premiums can help you reduce overall operating expenses.

Reduce Depreciation

Every piece of equipment you own is going to experience significant depreciation. However, newer equipment will depreciate a lot faster than older equipment.

With secondhand forklifts, you can avoid the steepest part of the depreciation curve, meaning that your equipment will retain its value for longer. Although your secondhand forklift will continue to depreciate over time, the depreciation rate is much slower than a new one.

Therefore, the overall ownership cost is reduced and helps you retain a better resale value should you decide to resell the forklift in the future.

Immediate Availability

When you purchase new forklifts, you generally have to place an order from the manufacturer and endure potentially long lead times as you wait for your equipment to be delivered. However, used forklifts are usually available straight away, meaning you can acquire the equipment you need and have it on your workshop floor overnight.

This is ideal if your warehouse has urgent operational needs or if you have sudden increases in demand and need to improve your forklift fleet in a hurry.

At First Forklifts, we have secondhand forklifts for sale, offering you all of the benefits mentioned in this blog, and many more. Contact us today to find out more about our range and to place an order.

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