Top 5 Forklift Brands Available for Rental from First Forklifts

Brands play a major role in most of our decision-making. Some brands have great reputations, while others…not so much. When you are looking for a forklift to rent, there are a variety of factors to take into consideration, such as budget, size and attachments. But you should also think about the brand, as the brand can be a clear indicator as to whether or not the forklift is reliable and worth the investment.As experts in forklift rental in South Africa, First Forklifts offers some expert advice regarding the top five forklift brands available for rental from First Forklifts.


Toyota is certainly a household name at this point as they are known for their motor vehicles as well as their forklifts. Toyota forklifts have actually been rated as the number one choice by various studies.


Doosan is well-known for its forklifts, which are known for being very reliable. Doosan has both three and four-wheel designs and is popular for indoor applications in which noise reduction is a necessity.


Hyster’s heavy-duty forklifts offer a wide range of applications and are a common sight on construction sites around the world. Over the years, Hyster has produced well over 100 different models and has become one of the most trusted brands in the industry.


Mitsubishi as a brand has come a long way in the last few years. Their robust engines and impressive load capabilities have made them a go-to option for many operations.


TCM forklifts are built to handle all sorts of weather conditions and terrains, making them perfect for outdoor use. TCM’s reputation commands respect as their forklifts are some of the most reliable that are currently on the market.

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