Toyota Forklift Spares Durban

Toyota Forklift Spares Durban

As forklift experts and providers of Toyota forklift spares in Durban, we have the following advice for you.

How to Prolong the Life of Your Toyota Forklift

Advice from Durban’s Forklift Experts!

Toyota forklifts are hardy and can withstand many trying conditions, giving most of them an impressively long lifespan, but there are always things that you can do to keep your Toyota forklift in tip top condition and get the most out of your investment.

As forklift experts and providers of Toyota forklift spares in Durban, we have the following advice for you.

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Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance is the first step in properly looking after your forklift. This type of equipment requires professional maintenance at regular intervals to prevent extensive wear and damages which is not only costly and a risk of further downtime which can negatively impact your business, but also adds to the risk and safety factor of the equipment and your staff. Here at First Forklifts we can come up with a custom maintenance plan tailored to the specific needs of your equipment for your company.

Ensure Staff are Properly Trained

Ensure that all the staff that use your forklift are properly trained in operating the equipment and know it’s maximum load capacity, how all control works, how to carry out daily inspections, etc. Using your forklift how it is intended to be used is a good way to ensure you get the most out of it.

Make Repairs as Soon as Possible

Something break on your Toyota forklift? Get it fixed as soon as possible to avoid further damage!

More than Just Toyota Forklift Spares in Durban: Have all Your Forklift Needs Met by First Forklifts

Here at First Forklifts, we don’t just provide maintenance and repair work for Toyota forklifts, we work on all major forklift brands including Samuk, Hyster, Doosan, Komatsu, TCM and more.

On top of that we also sell both new and refurbished forklifts, and we are sure that there is something in our fleet to suit your needs and budget.

Essentially, we offer a range of comprehensive forklift-related services in Durban and we should be your go-to business should you need forklift spares, rental, repairs, tyres or maintenance.

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Interested in our Toyota forklift spares in Durban? Or our other forklift-related products and services?

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