Used Forklifts For Sale

Used Forklifts For Sale

At First Forklifts, we offer you a wide range of used forklifts for sale that are in great condition and are at an affordable price.

First Forklifts offers a wide range of High Quality, Second-hand Forklifts in South Africa

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Here at First Forklifts, we offer a wide range of forklift-related products and services in South Africa. One of our most popular offerings is definitely our second-hand forklifts. We have a wide range of different used forklifts available. Our team of forklift mechanics ensure that these used forklifts are in almost-new condition, are completely refurbished, and are functioning properly before selling them.

A Wide Range of Used Forklifts for Sale

At Fist Forklifts, we have one of the widest ranges of used forklifts for sale in South Africa. We offer a variety of well-known and respected brands, including:

•  Toyota

• Doosan


•   Hyster

                            TCM and much more!

Not sure what brand or size of forklift is right for you and your needs? Speak to one of our friendly and experienced forklift professionals who’d be more than happy to chat to you and help you make the ideal purchase.

Used forklifts for sale

Not Just Used Forklifts for Sale

While First Forklifts is very well known for our used forklifts, we also offer a range of brand new forklifts for those are looking for new equipment. We offer a range of SAMUK forklifts, and we are incredibly impressed with the quality, strength, and durability that these forklifts offer.

First Forklifts: The Best Place to Find Used Forklifts for Sale

First Forklifts is definitely known as one of South Africa’s very best forklift companies. We have built up our reputation over many years and have dealt with a wide variety of different clients. Not only do we sell used forklifts, we also sell new forklifts, offer forklift repairs, and rent out forklifts. If you are looking for quality products, a knowledgeable team, and exceptional customer service, First Forklifts is the ideal solution for you.

Used forklifts for sale

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