What Do I Need to Know About Buying Forklift Spares?

Have you noticed that your forklift needs a new tire, fork, seat, or any other type of part? It may be time you start looking for forklift spares in Durban. Ensuring that your forklift is kept in tip-top condition through regular maintenance, and replacing parts when need is, can limit your downtime and improve your productivity.

But is there anything that you should know about buying forklift spares before you go ahead and make the purchase? Let’s have a look.

Know the Year, Brand, and Model of Your Forklift Before Purchasing Parts

This may seem incredibly simple, but you’d be surprised as to how many forklift owners order the wrong part simply because they got confused about their year or model. Make sure that you have the details of your forklift absolutely correct before you order any parts.

Keep Track of Your Warranties

So many of us simply throw our warranties away at some point when clearing out our offices. But it is very important that you hold onto your warranties. If you need to replace a part, it may still be covered under your warranty and if this is the case you could save yourself a significant amount of money.

Can You Install the Part Yourself?

It is all good and well to order the part online, but what happens when the part arrives? Who is going to install it? This is why it is sometimes better to visit a local supplier that can supply you with the part and install it at the same time.

Do You Need Any Other Parts?

If you need to replace a tire, you may as well give your forklift a thorough inspection to assess whether any other parts need to be replaced. It would be annoying to notice that other parts need a replacement soon once you’ve already placed your order.

Choose a Trusted Supplier

There are many companies that offer forklift spares in Durban, but it is essential that you choose a trustworthy and reliable supplier that you really trust and that can offer you expert advice.

Looking for quality forklift spares in Durban? Contact the friendly team at First Forklifts today and allow us to assist you!

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