What is The Difference Between a Reach Truck and a Forklift

Both forklifts and reach trucks are commonly used in factories and warehouses around the world.At first glance, many people mistake a reach truck for a regular forklift. While these two vehicles do look very similar and share certain applications, there are also key differences that you should know about if you are looking to invest in this type of equipment.

As experts in both forklifts and reach trucks in Durban, the First Forklifts team sheds some light on the differences between these often-confused vehicles.

Are Reach Trucks a Type of Forklift?

The first thing that you should understand is that reach trucks and forklifts aren’t exactly two completely different entities. In fact, reach trucks are a type of forklift. But reach trucks and other types of forklifts are separated by many key differences, that we’ll get into!

Reach Truck Forks Are Extendable

Regular forklifts usually have a mast that can go up and down. But with reach trucks the mast can go up and down as well as backwards and forwards thanks to a mechanism called a pantograph.

This backwards and forwards motion is what gives reach trucks their ‘reach’ and allows them to easily reach into racks to retrieve pallets.

No Counterweight

Most forklifts’ balancing principle makes use of a counterweight. There is usually a large weight placed near the back of the forklift that keeps it balanced. But reach trucks do not have a counterweight. Instead, reach trucks make use of base legs to give them their balance.

A Few Other Key Differences

  • Most reach trucks are designed exclusively for indoor use, while many forklifts can be used both inside and outside.
  • Forklifts usually have larger lifting capacities than reach trucks.
  • Reach trucks are known to be more manoeuvrable and easier to turn than forklifts.
  • Reach trucks often offer higher reach capabilities than regular forklifts.

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