What Makes the Toyota Forklift More Environmentally Friendly Than it Used to Be?

When looking at purchasing a forklift, there are many factors to take into consideration. And one thing that you should think about is how environmentally friendly the forklift you are interested in really is. Not only are more sustainable options better for the environment, but they are also usually more durable and more energy efficient.

Recently, Toyota has been met with significant praise because of the sustainable changes that they have made to their forklifts, as well as their manufacturing process. If you are looking for an environmentally friendly option when purchasing a forklift, a Toyota forklift could be an excellent choice.

An Improved Manufacturing Process

Toyota Forklifts are manufactured at TMH, which is a zero-landfill facility. Landfill waste is an ever-increasing problem, and it is commendable that Toyota handles its waste responsibly. The products that are used in the manufacturing process are now chosen based on their environmentally-friendly properties.

Holding Suppliers Accountable

TMH makes it a requirement that its top 65 suppliers be ISO 14001 certified, which means they have an adequate environmental management system in place. This just shows how important it is for Toyota to hold their suppliers accountable.

Recyclable Parts

It is very important to Toyota that their forklift parts are recyclable, and that they can be used again in refurbished forklifts or they can be disposed of responsibly in a recycling facility.

Impressively Low Emissions

One of the most important aspects to look at when making an environmentally friendly choice is emissions. The Toyota forklifts have been specifically engineered to ensure that emissions levels are kept as low as possible.


Toyota forklifts have an emphasis on durability. This means that they are long-lasting and so long as you look after your forklift you will not have to replace parts regularly. This is good for the environment as it reduces waste.

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