Why We Choose SAMUK Forklifts And Why You Should Too

When you’re in an industry where gruelling demands for consistent service provision are the order of the day, week or month, you need the best equipment to ensure that you deliver on time, every time. It’s one thing to get the job done, and done right, but it’s another to get it done over and over again. Having confidence in the forklift you’re using comes with the brand you have confidence in; a forklift brand which you’re confident will cater for your needs and deliver satisfactory results in your current job and will also continue to perform at its peak for much times to come. So, what forklift brand should you put your faith into? Which brand is the trusted name in the forklift world? Well, SAMUK forklifts of course!


A Brand Which Has Grown From Strength To Strength


With a history that spans over 20 years, SAMUK has grown from strength to strength. After making a noteworthy impression in the European market, they caught the attention of American-owned company Hyster in 2017, who took over the majority of holding shares of the company in 2018.

The brand has now become synonymous with cutting-edge innovations and is leading the path ahead of its competitors in several performance categories. SAMUK boasts vastly improved lifting speeds that have proven to operate at 20 to 25% faster speeds than forklifts by other manufacturers. Add to this the 8% overall fuel reduction for operations and you’re looking at a very powerful, ergonomic and dependable solution for your everyday hauling and transporting needs. Each one of the SAMUK forklift models is capable of standing its own ground in their respective class.

With all this in mind, the SAMUK brand has managed to make a veritable impression with investors and customers alike and, after their impressive growth since their inception in 1996, promises to become a strong international competitor for years to come.


Investing In This Brand Is Like Investing In A Legacy


Investing in the SAMUK brand is synonymous with investing in service excellence, customer satisfaction, low maintenance costs and a flourishing legacy.

If you’d like to learn more about how SAMUK forklifts can optimise your company’s service delivery standards, contact us for more information. We are happy to provide you with information about the brand and models, as well as arrange an informative introductory meeting at your convenience.

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