Your Forklift Hire Checklist For Peace Of Mind

If you are looking for reliable forklift hire in Durban, then First Forklifts is your supplier of choice. We carry a wide range of well-maintained forklifts to suit your operational requirements, whatever they may be.However, to ensure that the forklift you are renting is in good working condition, here is a checklist of things to look at before operating to ensure that safety standards are maintained and maximum efficiency is achieved.

These inspections should be carried out daily before operating the forklift. If you notice any issues, you should notify First Forklifts immediately so that the affected forklift can be repaired as necessary.

Check The Forklift Forks

The forks need to be in good condition and should not be bent. The forks are responsible for holding whatever goods you are carrying, so this critical part of the forklift should be free of any signs of excessive wear and tear.

They should not be bent or cracked in any way but should rather be straight and firm. It’s also important to check that the upper limit stops are still in good condition, with the pins still present and straight.

Inspect The Mast

The mast, which is responsible for lifting the tyres up and down, should be inspected for any signs of wear. Once again, any sign of cracking or bending should alert you to a problem. All the hoses, chains, or any other moving parts should be in good condition, and every part should be lubricated properly.

Excessive lubrication could also lead to problems such as solidification, but under-lubrication can lead to jamming and other kinds of problems. Ensure that there is no corrosion at all on the mast, and if needed, add lubrication to create a light sheen.

Check The Hydraulics

The hydraulics are the muscles of the forklift, responsible for creating the power to lift goods. Any evidence of leaking or other signs of damage, such as cracks, should be noted immediately, as the forklift will require urgent maintenance.

All fittings and hoses should be securely in place, and any leaks determined should be addressed immediately. If the hydraulic system malfunctions, the entire forklift will fail to operate as intended.

Check The Lights

Lights are important for safety purposes, so they should be checked to make sure that they are operating correctly. If the bulbs are out, they should be replaced. However, a more common problem with forklift lights is that they become very dirty and therefore do not function efficiently. Get into the habit of cleaning the lights regularly to ensure that maximum visibility is achieved.

Inspect The Battery

Inspecting the forklift battery is important, as any signs of leakage could lead to failure and potential safety hazards. The terminals should be properly covered and clean, and the connections need to be tight. If connections come loose, it could lead to the forklift cutting out midway through the job, which could lead to downtime.

Check The Engine

For diesel, gas & petrol-operated forklifts, an engine check should be carried out periodically to ensure that it’s running smoothly and does not overheat. Depending on the type of forklift, engine checks might vary depending on the forklift model.

However, fluid reservoirs need to be filled and should be free from leaks, regardless of the engine type. As with any other vehicle, regular servicing and maintenance on the engines are a necessity.

If you’re looking for forklift hire in Durban that is reliable and safe, then speak to us today at First Forklifts. Count on us to give you a lift when you need it most.

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